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Christina Giles is an anthologized poet, who published her first book of poetry in September of 2008.  "Reflections On Life's Lessons" is a heart-touching collection of poetry which examines emotions tied to everything from losing a loved one to cancer and being assaulted, to looking at the world through the eyes of a child.  Ms. Giles has received numerous poetic awards for the poems within this book, as well as a number of other recognitions.  "Reflections On Life's Lessons" was published through Vantage Press, Inc in New York City.

Ms. Giles has taught 6th grade math for roughly 13 years and is currently an assistant principal in Odessa, Texas. She is working on her 3rd masters degree and she and her husband are expecting their 2nd child this summer.

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This website was created as a means of publicizing Ms. Giles' book of poetry.  It is hoped that, through the use of this website, more people will discover the talent that the author possesses and eventually purchase a copy of the book.


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"How High Can You Fly?" just received the Pinnacle Book Award for Achievement in Children's Literature for Spring of 2010!!!


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08/14/2009 14:01
    To locate prices for both books, check out the "Guestbook" page.  I have listed the prices for "Reflections On Life's Lessons," as well as for "How High Can You Fly?"  If you have questions on how or where to purchase, email me.

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