Unconditional Love

08/14/2009 13:36

A lonely mother's eyes cry out for help;

She watches, helpless, as her child's life is snuffed out like a candle.

The two evils outweighed the good;

The young boy's last breath was robbed last night while walking through their neighborhood.

Only thirteen, he had so much to live for;

"I'll be all right, Mom," he yelled as he shut the door.

Thinking she'd see her only child again;

She still worried, and soon heard herself say, "Amen."

A desperate prayer was ignored;

"Why did he die?  Answer me, Lord."

Angry, confused, and disarrayed,

Silently in the coffin, she watched where he lay.

Hatred rules many parts of the world;

If we all work together, we can drain it and fill it with good.

One soul was sent to heaven last night;

With wings of an angel and adorned all in white.

Looking over the world and of course his dear mother,

Taking care of everyone and carrying on the role of brother.

Shot from behind on his way to the store;

A rival gang took his life, just chalk up one more.

Blind is the world, as the fighting goes on;

How many people must die, before something is done?

A mother's wish is for her child to grow old;

Treasuring many stories, of which all should be told.

Always remember, even from above;

A mother only has unconditional love.


Copyright 2008  Christina Giles


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