The Hidden Place

08/14/2009 13:31

As I entered the building, I noticed flowers all around;

Roses, red and yellow, blanketed the ground.

People stood in little groups,

Some quiet, others softly speaking words;

I didn't understand what was happening;

Looking out the window,

I searched for the right words.

I saw my friend's parents

And I gathered the strength;

I was so nervous, I thought I would faint.

Words were exchanged, they were so kind;

My dear friend, I longed to find.

Her mom began crying

As I approached the hidden place;

I was terrified, as I stared down,

Upon my silent friend's face.

Seeming so peaceful, what was I to do?

I couldn't control myself, I began crying too.

I now know what happened

To lead up to that night;

Cancer took it, my sweet friend's life.

Copyright 2008  Christina Giles


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