Book Signings

08/10/2009 12:05

I am now attempting to get some publicity for both of my books through book signings at local bookstores.  I have contacted six different major bookstores as of this morning, and now it's a waiting game.  I am so hoping that I will be able to begin making some appearances within and around the Houston area this Fall.  It is very nervewracking trying to organize author appearances, continue with college, teach, and raise a young son but I know that it will be worth it in the end.  Even if nothing huge comes from writing books, I know that I have at least impacted some lives in a small way.  I didn't start writing for the fame or the potential monetary reward anyway...I began writing as a way to express myself, and writing children's books began with the birth of my son. If my books give someone joy, laughter, or a way to deal with their emotions and knowing that they're not alone in what they have gone through, then that is all that matters.


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