Book Signing in MN

07/20/2010 09:30

The book signing I did on July 7th in MN went extremely well!  I was so nervous going into the book signing because I grew up in the area and still know many of the residents, but in the end there was no need to be so nervous.  I brought 30 copies of "How High Can You Fly?," and 40 copies of "Reflections On Life's Lessons" with me to the signing.  I didn't expect to sell much, but the publicity in the local paper really helped sales...that and word of mouth.  Within the first 45 minutes of being there, I had already sold 9 copies of my books...mostly children's books.  When the four hours were up, I wound up selling all 30 copies of "How High Can You Fly?," and 10 copies of "Reflections On Life's Lessons."  The store manager was so impressed, that she ordered 12 additional copies of the children's book, and bought 4 of the poetry books that I had left.  When I returned to my parents' place, I had orders for 6 more children's books.  I ended up having to ship books back to MN once I returned to TX.  I was so thrilled with the overwhelming response and turn out.  There was even a little 5 year old boy who came up to me and said, "Can I have your autograph please!"  It was so adorable!!  I spoke with the manager the other day, and she said that people are still coming in asking for copies of my books!  I am so excited to finally have a store carry both books, and be successful at the same time!!  I was so honored to be able to return home and have a successful event!  It pushes me to really do more to be successful here with my writing and illustrations.  I'm already working on the next children's book...


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